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Starting in Alexandria Little League, I found my passion for baseball at 9 years old. I worked my way through various programs as a middle infielder and pitcher such as Little League All-Stars, Alexandria Heat, Alexandria Aces, DeMarini Stars, and the EvoShield Canes. After playing middle infield and pitching for the Canes I was recruited to pitch at the University of Virginia. I trained with pitching and hitting coaches such as Steve Johnson from Advanced Baseball and Tom House, pitching guru and founder of the National Pitching Association (NPA). At the University of Virginia, I learned from pitching coach Karl Kuhn and head coach Brian O’Connor at an elite level and I will use the knowledge and skills that I have learned over my career to help young athletes develop all aspects of their game.

Greg Everett

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I started my baseball career with Hughes and played on the same teams as a shortstop such as Little League All-Stars, Alexandria Heat, DeMarini Stars, and the EvoShield Canes. I will be focusing on hitting and fielding. Playing shortstop for many years on elite travel teams, I was exposed to several experienced coaches who taught me many types of drills, giving me a greater knowledge of the game. Over the last three years, I have been training young athletes on hitting and fielding. I believe my experience will help young athletes become more skilled players and I will put the most efficient and useful drills together to push young athletes toward success.

Nate Alarcon

Bio coming soon…

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