About JD Performance LLC

John Donnelly, Founder & CEO of JD Performance

Starting at a young age I was always attracted to sports and movement. Excelling myself as a youth athlete in the sports of basketball and baseball eventually led me to discover the world of strength training and the incredible difference it can make for an athlete’s performance. After beginning strength training at the age of 13, this new passion led me to study Kinesiology at James Madison University and obtaining multiple other professional certifications such as NASM-CPT, HKC, and DSPCC with more to come!

Having worked with a wide range of clientele I have gained experience in training clients from all walks of life but sport performance for youth athletes is my passion. Utilizing various training systems and incorporating the wealth of knowledge I have learned from my previous strength coaches and mentors I will help youth athletes excel on the field by increasing their movement proficiency across all stages of the force-velocity curve and transforming them into superior athletes no matter what sport they play.

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